[Original size] Mental health Monday


What is the first thing that you say to yourself when you screw something up?  Or are in a new situation with new people? Trying something out of the ordinary? Looking in the mirror?


Something like “ I always screw things up.”  “I’m not good enough?” “Who do I think I am?” Or “I’m fat”????


How we talk to ourselves about ourselves matters.  We all have an inner-monologue that runs through our minds throughout the day-it speaks to us all day-every day.  If these thoughts are negative and critical we send these harmful messages on an endless loop. Sometimes these messages are so ingrained in how we think that we don’t even realize that we are having them.


For this week, pay attention to what your inner voice is saying.  Write these thoughts down. Healthy change starts with cultivating self-awareness.  What is the overall message of that inner voice? Is it one of criticism, insecurity and shame? Or is it based in self-compassion, love and humanity?  

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