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Big Dreamers and Big Thinkers

I just got back from a long weekend in Nashville with my siblings and I am struck with an overwhelming appreciation for the Big Dreamers and the Big Thinkers of the world.   The town is filled with people singing their hearts out and putting it out there for the world to see. So many talented… Continue reading Big Dreamers and Big Thinkers

Mental Health Monday, Relationships

The New Rules of Marriage

People often ask if our practice does marriage counseling. The answer is yes. We do all types of relationship counseling. Our primary focus is to promote the health of the individual while strengthening their relationships. This often takes skills that we don't have and an approach that requires self-awareness and growth. A healthy marriage requires… Continue reading The New Rules of Marriage

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Connected and Protected

A big focus of the type of therapy I do has to do with having healthy relationships.  The theory goes that by having healthy relationships we can become personally empowered and healthier.  Relationship empowerment equates to personal empowerment. And vice versa. This is not just about our closest of relationships but about all of our… Continue reading Connected and Protected


Do we always have to win the argument?

Please welcome Amy Whitney to Spero Group. This is her first Mental Health Monday. Amy brings a wealth of experience in the health care field to our group. She will be working with businesses to provide emotional health and wellness solutions as part of our Workplace Wellness program. It is interesting how we become different… Continue reading Do we always have to win the argument?

Mental Health Monday

Mercy Me

Good morning. I know- it’s been awhile.   Life and other things have diverted the energy needed to write these posts.  Rather than beat myself up, I am extending some mercy to myself. I have been working on this concept for awhile, and recently I have started co-reading “Hallelujah Anyway:Rediscovering Mercy” by Anne Lamott with… Continue reading Mercy Me