Who should consider using Spero Group’s Family-Owned Business Services?

Any owner-led or family-owned business that needs help with the following:

  • Conflict resolution- Navigating the tough issues.
  • Succession- Figuring out what is next.
  • Roles, responsibilities and accountability- Defining and clarifying.
  • Addiction and substance abuse- Acknowledging the issue and how to intervene.
  • Creating vision, mission and culture statements that reflect your values.

 How will Spero Group work with my company?

We will sit down with you and assess what issues your company is facing. For example, what are the strengths and areas of development each individual brings to the table and how do those dynamics fit into the overall operation of the company?

Through this assessment process, Spero will work with you to develop clear objectives and goals. You can expect to receive supportive and direct feedback throughout the entire process. The most important element of this process is that your voice is heard and your vision is followed.  

How long does Spero typically work with a company?

The length of time depends on each company’s need and desired level of service.

  • For companies seeking help with a short-term conflict, our involvement may be relatively short-term.
  • For families wishing to create a Family Constitution or guidance with succession, the assessment and subsequent implementation of a defined plan will require a longer commitment.
  • Some businesses may choose to keep Spero on retainer to advise on an as-needed basis.

Regardless of what a company hopes to accomplish, we will work with you to develop a clear plan with defined goals from the start.

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