For Employees All employee workshops are to be conducted in groups of  5-20 employees and are geared to encouraging and motivating people to problem solve and develop individualized action plans during the training. 

  • Resilient at Work– Learn how to develop the skills to “bounce back” when the stress and demands of work begin to take over and how to overcome and avoid “Burnout.”
  • Compassion Fatigue-There are occupations that are impacted by regular pulls on their empathy and mental involvement. This can develop into a depletion of compassion. Increase your awareness of the personal emotional limits and skills needed to be mentally healthy and to also be successful in your helping profession or home environment.  
  • Weaving Self-Care into Work– Learn why and how to create a routine that helps you balance the demands of your job and your life.
  • Know the Signs- Learn what depression, anxiety and stress look like when at work and how to get help- whether it is incorporating your own self-care plan or seeking out professional help.
  • Setting & Maintaining Professional Boundaries- Learn how to respectfully set limits and recognize others’ boundaries and limits.
  • Learning the Connection between thoughts, behaviors, emotions and the physical response of your body- Sometimes we feel as though we react without any thought as to what we are doing, this workshop aims to develop self-awareness around why we think and do what we do.

For Leaders and Managers These workshops can be tailored to fit your needs and should be considered for business owners, managers and other key leaders in your organization.

  • Talking About My Generation– Managers need to learn how to connect with employees of all generations, from the much talked about Millenials to Gen Xers and Baby Boomers.  Learn the basics on how to understand, communicate, motivate, train and  retain each generations.
  • Mental Health in the Workplace–  This training is designed to recognize Workplace Wellness issues, including depression and anxiety, in employees.  The series covers how to identify when an employee is struggling, how to help and when to refer out, as well as the impact that this has on  keeping good employees, absenteeism, and improving employee focus and mindfulness while on the job. Attendees will also learn about Rights & Responsibilities of Employers.
  • Obtain & retain good employees- This training is aimed at improving and valuing the employee relationship.  Starting with crafting an effective interview and selection process, improving engagement and buy-in, developing skills to monitor and manage employees and making Workplace Wellness a priority.
  • Small Team Development- Research suggests that small teams are more productive and effective.  This workshop focuses on developing and getting the most out of your team.
  • Crafting Company Culture– This is a brainstorming and value development workshop that is designed to help company leaders  identify and examine the company’s values and goals, develop actionable steps to incorporate those values into the company’s operations and mindset, and develop a plan to follow through.
  • Embracing conflict and using it as a tool for growth– This workshop was originally designed for family businesses where ongoing conflict is inevitable, but it is also effective for partnered business owners, and team leaders.   Participants learn  how to  identify conflict, examine the source, evaluate whether it is current or historical and identify their own personal style of managing conflict.

Have a training need that is not listed?  We can work with you to develop individualized workshops. Call or email to schedule or create a training that will help you improve your company and your workforce.