Hope Through Change

Hope Through Change is the idea that became the building block of Spero Group's mission.

We want to be the first place you come to when you are personally going through a challenging time or when your company is poised to grow through change.  We strongly believe that everyone has the ability and the skills to accomplish their goals, but we also recognize that sometimes it is hard to know where to start.

Hope is what gets us through -

  • Hope that things will get better,
  • Hope that things will work out,
  • Hope that you will become who you want to be.

Hope helps us to create a vision and  drive our goals.  We want to be there with you along the way. This is our mission- Hope Through Change.

Spero Group was started by Angie Shirey in 2016 and offers a network of providers in the Western Pennsylvania area. Angie is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and has worked in the behavioral health field for the last 10 years in a variety of direct care and administrative positions. She brings with her military service and the experience that comes from raising a family  of five growing kids.  She believes that we each need to embrace our individuality, including those things that we may not like about ourselves, in order to achieve balance and realize our full potential.  She comes from a family of entrepreneurs and has witnessed first-hand the challenges of being a business owner and striving to run a successful family business - all while not losing the strong bond of family and preserving relationships that fulfill and enrich our lives.