Unique and effective program

CCR and ANR wanted to find a leadership series for their management teams that allowed them to grow both individually and as a team.  We have found that each of our managers come in with different skill sets and management levels, therefore one training does not always work for everyone.   The Spero Group’s groups individual and group sessions provide our managers with the individual attention they need.  Although they are all working from the same curriculum, they are challenged to set their own personal leadership goals, explore their own self-awareness and roadblocks to being a successful leader.

Teresa Hewitt, Chief Operating Officer, Center for Community Resources

“Angie was an excellent presenter to work with. She handled questions with aplomb and our attendees walked out of the session feeling more in control of their interactions with difficult customers. She made all of her materials available after the workshop so we could reference them and continue to put into practice the skills she taught us.”

– Erin Joyce, District Consultant, Oil Creek Library District.