Spero means hope-literally and in our practice.  We want to give hope to individuals and organizations so healthy change can happen.

We believe that through change you can experience your greatest periods of growth and discovery.   The reality is change is hard. It can be uncomfortable and overwhelming. And in today's world, change is necessary, accelerating and never-ending.

We work with people and companies who are ready to move through change by developing skills and creating an atmosphere of hope and possibility. We want to help you find and develop your strengths and accept your imperfections (yes-your imperfections) and use  them to become better, to become more, to become what is next.

Whether you are looking to make a change for yourself, for your family or you are an employer looking to facilitate change for your company-we want to be here to help you along the way.



“Angie was an excellent presenter to work with. She handled questions with aplomb and our attendees walked out of the session feeling more in control of their interactions with difficult customers. She made all of her materials available after the workshop so we could reference them and continue to put into practice the skills she taught us.”

– Erin Joyce, District Consultant, Oil Creek Library District.


Big Dreamers and Big Thinkers

I just got back from a long weekend in Nashville with my siblings and I am struck with an overwhelming appreciation for the Big Dreamers and the Big Thinkers of the world.   The town is filled with people singing their hearts out and putting it out there for the world to see. So many talented…

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The New Rules of Marriage

People often ask if our practice does marriage counseling. The answer is yes. We do all types of relationship counseling. Our primary focus is to promote the health of the individual while strengthening their relationships. This often takes skills that we don’t have and an approach that requires self-awareness and growth. A healthy marriage requires…

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The Art of Grudge Holding

This morning I am struggling with holding a grudge.  The target is my husband. The details of which are inconsequential, mundane enough that most would be able to see themselves in it. So I will not bore either of us with the actual circumstance.   It has made me think about the purpose of holding a…

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Smell the Sea…

It’s July already. How did this happen? Where did June go? I haven’t done at least a third of what I set out to do… At the beginning of every summer I trick myself into thinking that summer is going to be relaxing. But what typically happens is that I try to jam a full…

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Connected and Protected

A big focus of the type of therapy I do has to do with having healthy relationships.  The theory goes that by having healthy relationships we can become personally empowered and healthier.  Relationship empowerment equates to personal empowerment. And vice versa. This is not just about our closest of relationships but about all of our…

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Be present

Step by Step. That’s what the calm voice said on the guided meditation that I listened to this morning encouraged me to do.   It is something I needed to hear and I find myself repeating it over and over in my head as I look at my schedule and my list for the week and…

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Situational stress—what choice do you have?

In my line of work I am well aware that humans do not LOVE transitions and adapting to situations. When the decision was made to sell our established farm and nine year old house to move in to a 200 year old farmhouse full of honey bees, people for sure questioned my sanity. Because I…

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Do we always have to win the argument?

Please welcome Amy Whitney to Spero Group. This is her first Mental Health Monday. Amy brings a wealth of experience in the health care field to our group. She will be working with businesses to provide emotional health and wellness solutions as part of our Workplace Wellness program. It is interesting how we become different…

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Mercy Me

Good morning. I know- it’s been awhile.   Life and other things have diverted the energy needed to write these posts.  Rather than beat myself up, I am extending some mercy to myself. I have been working on this concept for awhile, and recently I have started co-reading “Hallelujah Anyway:Rediscovering Mercy” by Anne Lamott with…

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Suicide awareness

Our mental health is something to be aware of and taken care of on a regular basis. Suicide rates are on the rise and depression does not discriminate. It is our job to fight the stigma that prevents people from receiving the proper care that might save their lives. This is a great example of…

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