Spero means hope-literally and in our practice.  We want to give hope to individuals and organizations so healthy change can happen.

We believe that through change you can experience your greatest periods of growth and discovery.   The reality is change is hard. It can be uncomfortable and overwhelming. And in today’s world, change is necessary, accelerating and never-ending.

We work with people and companies who are ready to move through change by developing skills and creating an atmosphere of hope and possibility. We want to help you find and develop your strengths and accept your imperfections (yes-your imperfections) and use  them to become better, to become more, to become what is next.

Whether you are looking to make a change for yourself, for your family or you are an employer looking to facilitate change for your company-we want to be here to help you along the way.


We are concerned with your health and our social responsibility in what is currently happening in the world.  As of right now this is where we stand. 

  • This office does not see a high volume of clients and if clients and counselors are mindful of keeping themselves and others well, appointments may continue without interruption. 
  • If you are running a fever or showing signs or symptoms of being ill,  please reschedule your appointment. There will be no cancellation or no show fees.
  • Due to the small waiting area, it is recommended that clients refrain from entering the office early for their scheduled appointment. Clients may elect to remain in their vehicle until their appointment time. 
  • Additional sanitizing measures will be taken between appointments.
  • We are able to offer telehealth services if you are willing, able and interested in doing so.  Many insurances offer this as part of your plan. Please call the number on the back of your insurance card and verify that you have this service. We can assist in this process and encourage everyone to consider this option.  While it may seem unusual at first, most people adjust well to online sessions. 
  • If you want and/or decide to do telehealth, we have a HIPAA secure service that is easy to use.
  • We recognize that what is happening in the world is very concerning.  It is ESSENTIAL for all of us to care for our mental health at this time.  We are here as a resource and available regardless if you have telehealth benefits or if you are not able to come to the office.