People often ask if our practice does marriage counseling.

The answer is yes. We do all types of relationship counseling. Our primary focus is to promote the health of the individual while strengthening their relationships. This often takes skills that we don’t have and an approach that requires self-awareness and growth.

A healthy marriage requires an investment of time and a whole lot of intention. It is really easy to take our partnerships for granted and before we know it, what could be a huge source of support and love has turned into anger, resentment and loneliness. Marriage and relationships require regular work and maintenance. A book that I use regularly in marriage counseling is “The New Rules of Marriage” by Terry Real.

I know it can be hard to take the time and money for counseling, so we are donating a copy of “The New Rules of Marriage” to the Redbank Valley Public Library. Reading this with your spouse is a great way to take some of that time to work on your relationship. The book presents challenging ideas as well as practical exercises to work through together.

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