We believe that through change you can experience your greatest periods of growth and discovery. The reality is change is hard. It can be uncomfortable and overwhelming. In today\'s world, change is necessary, accelerating and never-ending.

Spero means hope-literally and in our practice. We want to give hope to individuals and organizations so healthy change can happen.

  • Promote interpersonal skill development
  • Effectively evaluate consequences
  • Increase social & emotional capability
  • Prioritizing healthy work life balance
  • Increase communication skills
  • Improved customer satisfaction
  • Development of pattern recognition
  • Improvement in problem solving skills


A growing number of innovative employers are focusing on the psychological and emotional well-being of their employees as a way to combat rising healthcare costs, disability claims, absenteeism, presenteeism and diminished work performance, not to mention an overall improvement in company culture.

We offer skill building through a variety of interactive workshops aimed at bringing out the best in your workforce. This is an exceptional way to supplement the existing benefits you currently offer your employees.

  • Recognizing and Providing Support for Mental Health
  • Obtain and Retain Quality Employees
  • Managing Emotions in the Workplace
  • Mentor Conflict Effectively
  • Resilience at Work
  • Intergenerational Communication in the Workplace
  • The Importance of Self Care
  • Compassion Fatigue
  • Mindfulness in the Workplace
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"Our goal is to provide you with the skills to develop and grow your workplace wellness initiative. While we would love to train all of your employees, the cohort training is set up for the leaders and managers. We believe that the skills taught in the series are reinforced for the leaders as they train their staff on the material. Support from key leadership is essential to facilitating change within the company. This training series creates an internal support structure and lays the groundwork for ongoing collaboration for your managers."


  • Four three-hour interactive training sessions.
  • The trainings will hold a maximum of 10 employees that move through the program together.
  • Cohort Style - The goal is to band together your leadership team to promote a support system, which in turn will produce trust, openness, collaboration and support.
  • Attendees will have real world implementation tasks to complete with their staff between sessions.
  • The initial series will occur over a two-month period.
  • A six-month follow-up will be scheduled to review and analyze your organization's success.
  • Provide guidance and support for leaders.
  • Give real and meaningful feedback and provide a sounding board.
  • Provide necessary presentation materials to train your employees.


Traditional Employee Assistance Program Counseling Services

  • A designated number of counseling sessions per employee.
  • We are contracted with trained mental health professionals in your area, which provides your employees the option to receive counseling in a more traditional office setting.
  • We offer telehealth options and encourage the creation of a private place where employees can take advantage of this convenient service delivery option.

Behavioral Health Liaison

  • We can assign a specialist to your organization that you can use on an as needed basis.

Provide Additional training as needed

  • We can develop training to meet your organization's specific issues.

Observation of operations

  • Recommendations and feedback will be provided based on the data collected from the observation.

Crisis Response

  • Support during acute crises: suicide, loss of a key leader, structure change, mergers, etc.

Our goal is to improve skills on the organizational and individual level resulting in an overall improvement in the health of the organization.