Step by Step.

That’s what the calm voice said on the guided meditation that I listened to this morning encouraged me to do.   It is something I needed to hear and I find myself repeating it over and over in my head as I look at my schedule and my list for the week and the overwhelm starts to creep in.

Step by step.  Don’t go to the next thing. Be fully present in what you I am doing and what is happening at the moment.

I am trying! But you know, the kids are done with school this week, vacation is very soon,  not to mention one of the kids had their appendix removed this weekend…

All that really matters is the present moment.  Working on accepting that will be my goal for this week.   To be fully in the moment that I am in. To gently bring my mind back to where I am, attentive to what I am doing rather than running ahead and working on the next 15 things that need to get done.  

Take in that moment for all it is worth, even if it is the regular hum drum.  Feel it. Appreciate it. Notice it.

Have a great, fully present week.

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